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Dermatological treatment at home

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100% UV-free


Chemicals-free treatment




FDA approved


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  • 1x KILBURN LED Mask
  • 1x USB Câble
  • 1x Silky Travel Pouch
  • 1x User Manual
  • 3 months warranty

Is it safe for my eyes?
The safety of this product for the eyes is certified. FDA and CE markings guarantee the safety of this product. The mask includes protective eyewear but it is really just to fight against the brightness of the LEDs and enjoy a more comfortable and relaxing light therapy.

Is the mask compatible with mixed race/black skin?
Yes, there are no restrictions on skin color.

Is it safe for the skin?
LEDs were developed by the NASA. Astronauts are used to treat themselves in space with this technique. After many studies it has been proven that LED light is not dangerous because it does not contain UV rays.


Say goodbye to wrinkles, acne and eye bags

Penetrating deeply to the cellular level, our light-emitting diodes stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation and promote micro-circulation to minimize dark spots, treat acne and reduce wrinkles.

Choose the treatment you need

Red light: reduce inflammation of existing pimples

Bleu light: is ideal for fighting acne and stimulates the production of oxygen in cells.

Yellow light: provides brighter skin by  boosting lymphatic system. 

Accelerate the regenerating process of your skin

Belskin mask helps you rebuild your collagen back.

From your first use, your skin will be noticeably softer and tighter.

4 easy steps

Gently cleanse and dry your face

Press the power then start the treatment

Lay down, sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes

Apply your moisturize serum/cream

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Featured Reviews

Sarah A.verified

FDA Approved! Read this review.

If you are shopping around for a LED mask, I'd recommend stopping right here if only for one reason. This is the ONLY mask you will find on internet that is FDA approved to actually work as it says.I absolutely love this thing! I've only used it for two days but I'm certain it's making a difference and will continue to. I read a whole lot of people complaining about other masks hurting. This one does not hurt at all. Not much else to say other than I don't think you can go wrong purchasing this mask. No regrets here.

Yasmin B.verified

Best spa tools to use at home

I had a NuFace in the past, but the results only last 24 hours because it only tones the muscles. Then I read about LED light therapy and found this LED color light mask. I was impressed by the fact that it can rebuild your collagen back. I ordered one and after the first use my skin was much smoother and after 2 weeks my skin was plumping up and it looks just beautiful! Thank you so much for the amazing product and I think every women should have it at home!

Camila H.verified

Worth the cost!

I was searching for something that would help my skin to fight acne and I found two products: this mask and a retinol serum from a company called Sunday Riley. I bought this mask a few days ago and the day after my first use, the inflammation and size of my break outs went down DRASTICALLY.I’m on day 4 of using the mask and my skin is the clearest it’s been in MONTHS! I highly suggest, especially if you’re getting breakouts like me, to use The mask at night after you’ve showered so that your pores are open and there’s no dirt and such, then after the light therapy, apply Sunday Riley’s Retinol Serum :) the combination will bring down your acne!

Jennifer A.verified

A must-buy

Safety is the most concern for me when surfing amid the LED masks. So far, the Belskin LED mask is the only one approved by food and drug administration (FDA), which encouraged me to embrace this mask. Surprisingly, after one usage on my face with red light followed by blue light, my skin became brighter and tighter with shrunk pores which impressed my friend and me. Love it so much as it is a must-have!

Abigail S.verified

Quality LED Mask

The mask itself is wonderful. It’s the only LED mask I’ve ever owner so I do not have anything to compare to. It’s a good value for the features. It gives a nice relaxing warmth to the face, and though I’ve only tried it for five times, I do think it is already helping. Only time will tell for sure though!

Assia B.verified

Good for acne

With all the good reviews I decided to try this product out. My friend told me that the blue light is good for my acne and she recommended the Neutrogena led mask which is only $27.99, but it can only be used for the 30 times. I don't think 30 treatments are enough for my situation so I tried to find a better option. This one costs more than the usual led mask but it can be used forever. After my first week of using, my acne began to dry out, not as painful as before. I had been using this mask for 15 minutes every the other day and my skin felt much smoother and lighter. It was a really surprising amazed result.