Anti-imperfections: the simple routine that works

Teenagers or adults, imperfections do not appear only because of hormones. Stress, anxiety, pollution and a poor diet are also very responsible for blemished skin.

Our Belskin expert has tested for you during 15 days an anti-imperfections routine including 5 very simple steps to adopt with affordable, sustainable and responsible products for the planet.

Let's go !

Step 1: Make-up removal

Sleeping with your makeup on encourages blemishes and skipping this step may be one of the reasons for adult acne. Remove your makeup every night! No wipes or cotton pads, opt instead for a muslin cloth that is soft on the skin and avoids unnecessary waste.
Unlike disposable cotton pads, using a cloth allows you to gently exfoliate your skin on a daily basis and thus lessen the aggression on your skin with a weekly scrub, because yes, we know what it's like to still have dead skin after your scrub. (our favorite muslin wipes: EVE LOM 19,90€ available at Sephora)



Step 2: Cleaning

The makeup removal step is not the cleaning step. The only way to get rid of the impurities caused by your environment is to clean your skin. Opt for a natural soap with charcoal for example, very effective against imperfections and 100% natural! (our favorite of the moment : cold process soap L'Emir Clémence et Vivien from organic farming 4,00€ available on the LILINAPPY website)


Step 3: Serum

If you don't use a serum yet, it's time to take the plunge! The serum increases the effectiveness of your daily creams. We like to apply it just before our LED sessions because the light increases its functionality by 70%! Let's just say that whatever cream you apply at the end of this routine will be 100% more effective than usual. 


Step 4: LED 

Yes, of course, a beauty routine without LEDs is not a "real" routine at Belskin. For a guaranteed anti-imperfection action, combine red + blue light: 10 to 20 minutes (depending on how tired you are that night lol). The red light has an anti-inflammatory effect, your imperfections will calm down when exposed to it and the skin will regain its original color. The blue light will kill the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes responsible for each pimple appearing on your skin.
Did you know why there is a blue light in your fridge? No, it's not so you can eat in the middle of the night, but rather to kill any bacteria that may be growing and to preserve your food properly. And this light has exactly the same role on the skin!


Step 5: Hydration 

After each LED session it is important to moisturize your skin that has just undergone a professional treatment. What's great is that applying your cream after the serum and the LEDs completely increases its benefits for maximum hydration! Our favorite cream ? SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O available at Sephora in travel size 15ml for 19,90€.


THERE! You're ready to go to bed, trust us your skin will be radiant when you wake up tomorrow morning.
If you try this routine, don't forget to take a picture of your skin beforehand to see how it evolves over the days, we would love to read your feedback and see your results.