Return Policy

Shop with peace of mind because all BELSKIN™ products include a 90 day warranty and a 14 day money back guarantee!

Below is some information on how it works:

If you decide within 14 days (from the date of delivery) that you don't like the product, you have the right to return it for a refund or exchange!

Upon its return, you will be eligible to:
1. An exchange (equal in value to your original order)
2. A refund on the order (minus shipping costs).

To qualify for the 14-day money back guarantee, you must meet the following criteria:
- The item must be in its original packaging and must not be damaged;
- The return must be made within 14 days of delivery;
- Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer;
- Shipping costs are not refundable;
- The return must be pre-approved by customer support (do not return to the address on your package).

To return your product, please send us an email at

All BELSKIN products are guaranteed for 90 days.

If your product arrives and you notice that it does not work or does not function properly or is somehow broken, we will send you a 100% FREE replacement!
This warranty covers a maximum of one replacement within three months from the date you received your order.
The BELSKIN warranty does not cover physical damage resulting from misuse or accidental damage to the product.
After a replacement, you have the option of getting a store-wide credit.
The fastest way to claim a replacement is to send us a message to the following e-mail address: