STEAMSKIN® Facial Cleaner
STEAMSKIN® Facial Cleaner

STEAMSKIN® Facial Cleaner

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100% UV-free


Chemicals-free treatment




FDA approved


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  • 1x KILBURN LED Mask
  • 1x USB Câble
  • 1x Silky Travel Pouch
  • 1x User Manual
  • 3 months warranty

Is it safe for my eyes?
The safety of this product for the eyes is certified. FDA and CE markings guarantee the safety of this product. The mask includes protective eyewear but it is really just to fight against the brightness of the LEDs and enjoy a more comfortable and relaxing light therapy.

Is the mask compatible with mixed race/black skin?
Yes, there are no restrictions on skin color.

Is it safe for the skin?
LEDs were developed by the NASA. Astronauts are used to treat themselves in space with this technique. After many studies it has been proven that LED light is not dangerous because it does not contain UV rays.


Opens pores and allows absorption of your products

The BELSKIN™ facial steamer easily detoxifies and cleanses your face. 5-10 minutes of steam hydrates and softens your skin, while removing toxins and dirt from your pores.

The facial steamer is perfect to use before a Blackhead Vacuum or Ultrasonic Scrub session followed by a 10-30 minute session with KILBURN LED ®.

  • ✨Results from the first session
  • ✨Suitable for all skin types
  • ✨Gently cleanses and detoxifies
  • ✨Stimulates blood circulation
  • ✨Moisturizes and softens the skin
  • ✨Clears pores and helps prevent breakouts

Directions for use:

The BELSKIN™ Sonic Exfoliating Scrubber is the #1 tool that provides a thorough and deep cleansing of your skin. Consisting of a stainless steel tip the device sends out 26,000 Hz per second of ultrasonic waves, it effectively cleans clogged pores and exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells!
Also used for acne pimple prevention, it exfoliates and renews the skin to promote cell revitalization.

  • 1. Make sure the device is charged;
  • 2. Add water to the tank and tighten it;
  • 3. Press the spray switch once to turn on and once more to turn off;
  • 4. It may take 30 seconds for the steam to start coming out as it needs time to warm up;
  • 5. We suggest a 5-10 minute steam session, 2-3 times a week.